Julie’s Jewels – Get To Know Me

I have an author blog series on Norns Triad Publications‘s website (blog), called Julie’s Jewels. It is a regular feature I use to share tidbits about myself with readers. I offer book recommendations related to whatever topic I discuss, as well (I always try to keep things interesting and related to literature). Thinking you might be interested in these posts,

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Said Versus Asked

I had to weight in here because this literally drives me nuts: said is used for a statement while asked is used when posing a question. Pease stop using said with a question mark as it is NOT proper no matter what the new trends are. Question marks are punctuation used to indicated interrogative clauses or phrases. Essentially, these are

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My Book Review of Please Like Me (But Keep Away) (Nothing Like I Imagined)

Please Like Me by Mindy Kaling My rating: 5 of 5 stars Humorous and Touching Mindy Kaling just makes me love her more. She is real and down-to-earth as well as hilarious. Again, I didn’t know what to expect when I picked up this short story, but I was smiling when I finished it. I don’t know what I loved

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