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My Book Review of Stellaluna 25th Anniversary Edition

Stellaluna by Janell Cannon My rating: 5 of 5 stars Great Lessons For Kids I love this book. Not only does it have great lessons about bats subtly worked into the story, but it also has additional facts at the end. It’s a wonderful tale of unconditional acceptance. When the mother bird welcomes the little bat without question, only asking

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Let’s Talk With Author Kelly Brakenhoff!

My Interview with KELLY BRAKENHOFF! I worked with OH kids (I am certain they use a different term today) while I was in school and took ASL as my second language during college.  Understanding the need for inclusion and the desire to eliminate all prejudices, I am honored to chat with you, and introduce you to my readers.  Thank you

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Running With Roselle by Michael Hingson

Running With Roselle:How a Blind Boy and a Puppy Grew Up, Became Best Friends, and Together Survived One of America’s Darkest Days A dedication like no other between a Man and his Dog as told by New York Times Bestseller, Michael Hingson Released by Roselle’s Dream PublishingThe book is available worldwide in digital and print format A puppy who became

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My Book Review of Bunny in a Basket (Doc McStuffins)

Bunny in a Basket by Sheila Sweeny Higginson My rating: 5 of 5 stars So cute! I read this with my granddaughter, and she loved it. She asked to read it again, and again – and then, asked her mom to read it. What a lovely way to instill the appreciation for literature. Great artistry. Wonderful that the peek-a-boo made

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Meet Teddy

MEET MY CHARACTER Tell us about your story: What is the name of your book? “Teddy Loses His Ears” is a nonfiction children’s story featuring hand painted illustrations.  When and where is your tale set? The story begins in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, but part of my adventure involves moving west across Canada to Surrey, British Columbia, where I currently live with

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