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GARKAIN – June 15 – 22, 2021: all preorder proceeds donated to the Montgomery County Women’s Center

GARKAIN: Book One of The Uluru Legacy Series The Award-Winning Vampire Debut By Texas’s Own, Anna J. Walner Released and published by Silver Dawn Publishing, this book is available in audio and eBook across all platforms! ***LISTED AS AN AMAZON HOT NEW RELEASE FOR JUNE***  Amelia\’s journey to find the truth behind her adoption twenty-five years ago, might end up

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Book 4 of the Chaos Chronicles Series On sale for 99¢BookBub Promotion from October 25th until November 1st, 2020 Stars are dying. John Bandicut and his companions are summoned to a star-cloud called Starmaker, known to humans as the Orion Nebula, to discover what force threatens newborn stars–and possibly every world within a thousand light-years. Their journey takes them not

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Jam Sessions: Sometimes in Middle School, the best you can do is survive!

A fresh perspective on life as a teenager by Jerry Harwood Meet Phillip. His mom relocates him to a new school in the middle of the school year. Things do not go well. Phillip lands himself a trip to the dean of student’s office when he tries to forge his mother’s signature. Maybe if he spelled her name correctly it

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