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DID YOU KNOW? LUCY MAUD MONTGOMERY, LAURA INGALLS WILDER, and MARGARET MITCHELL Three women authors who influenced J.M. Northup of Norns Triad Publications are L.M. Montgomery (Anne of Green Gables), Laura Ingalls Wilder (Little House Books), and Margaret Mitchell (Gone With The Wind).  With an intense love of literature and history, these writers made an undying impact on the young

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SF & Techno-thriller Author Edward M. Lerner Talks With Me!

My Interview with Edward M. Lerner! I’d like to welcome you, Edward.  It is thrilling to have someone with your education and experience in my office to discuss not only literature, but the science behind fiction writing! Thanks for having me. I’m excited to get started, so let’s begin as I always do – by having you describe yourself for

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Spread The Secret!

THE OPPENHEIMER ALTERNATIVE The Secret History of The Manhattan Project Bestselling futurist ROBERT J. SAWYER has been called “Canada’s answer to Michael Crichton” by The Toronto Star and “a writer of boundless confidence and bold scientific extrapolation” by The New York Times. Now he turns his keen eye back on the past in this, the 80th-anniversary year of the beginning

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The Structure of A Paragraph

Most writers know how to structure a paragraph. It is similar to the overall structure of a paper. You have the opening/main idea, supporting sentences, and closing. Or, as Grammarly.com puts it: Transition, topic sentence, supporting sentences, and conclusion (you can read more from them here). Now, what many seem to struggle with is when to begin a new sentence,

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V.K. Tritschler’s In My Office!

My Interview with V.K. Tritschler! Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule, especially during the holiday season, to meet with me today.  I am excited to introduce you to my readers! I always kick off my interviews with the same question because it is quite insightful.  Therefore, please tell us how you’d describe yourself? I am hectic.

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Talking With International Bestseller, Anna J. Walner

My Interview with ANNA J. WALNER! I enjoy meeting other creative minds and learning about the journey writers have taken to become published authors.  I think we all have interesting stories to tell, and I am thankful to be able to help share them.  Thank you for joining us and allowing me to help share yours! I always kick off

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