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‘s Versus ‘ or s’s: Possessive Apostrophes

The general rule for singular nouns is to use an apostrophe and s at the end to show possession. EXAMPLES: the teacher’s, Mom’s, and Sahara’s. The general rule for regular plural nouns is to use an apostrophe only at the end to show possession. EXAMPLES: the teachers’ lounge, the racers’ cars, and the singers’ voices. Purdue Online Writing Lab had

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USA GLOBAL TV ® & RADIO – Meet Simon MacDonald

I am honored to introduce you to my friend and colleague Simon MacDonald. Simon is a multi-talented man. He’s a creative author, engaging speaker, intelligent presenter, experienced consultant, and entertaining speaker. He is also a renown chef. Learn more about Simon and his co-hosts in this video, then join the team on USA GLOBAL TV ® & RADIO – United

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A Young Writer Finds Her Words In Song

Elisabeth Jackson, one half of the sister duo, Sisters J, wrote their new song, Breathe In, when she was only sixteen (16) years old. Originally written as a lullaby, she hoped to comfort others. Elisabeth said the song was inspired during a time when she felt anxious. Noticing others experiencing anxiety, this young writer turned to faith. When she did,

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Said Versus Asked

I had to weight in here because this literally drives me nuts: said is used for a statement while asked is used when posing a question. Pease stop using said with a question mark as it is NOT proper no matter what the new trends are. Question marks are punctuation used to indicated interrogative clauses or phrases. Essentially, these are

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Writers 2 Remember: ENHEDUANNA

The World’s “First Author“ History has been bias. That is a fact everyone knows and understands, so it comes as no surprise when I say the accomplishment of women / women writers have often been erased or diminished. However, facts still remain, and the truth here is that the first author in known history was a woman, named Enheduanna. “By

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