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Writers 2 Remember: Plato

The “founder of the Academy” and one of the “most influential authors in the history of philosophy“ “The safest general characterization of the European philosophical tradition is that it consists of a series of footnotes to Plato.” – Alfred North Whitehead Plato was an ancient Greek philosopher born during the Classical period. He lived from approximately 428/427 BCE until 348/347 BCE. His father, Ariston,

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HERSTORY GLOBAL CONFERENCE features author Mary Elizabeth Jackson

The HerStory Global Conference 2023 is happening March 8-11, 2023 this year! Be sure to show your support for award-winning and international bestselling author, Mary Elizabeth Jackson as she and her daughters, Elisabeth and Lily Jackson (of Sisters J), appear as keynote speakers. Join them March 9th between 10am -12pm CST!

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Writers 2 Remember: Bob Dylan

“A major figure in popular culture during a career spanning more than 60 years.“ Bob Dylan was born in Duluth, Minnesota on May 24, 1941. Though his given name was Robert Allen Zimmerman, he legally changed it to Robert Dylan in 1962 to honor poet Dylan Thomas. This beloved folk singer is “hailed as the Shakespeare of his generation.“ Most people know

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Do I Need A Comma Before A Name?

Often, writers struggle with commas. It begins in elementary school when we are told a “rule of thumb” that seems to become ingrained in our minds: when you read aloud, if you pause, use a comma. However, there are truly hard rules to commas, and what we were initially told is not accurate. One place of note is when dealing

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The Saskatchewan Writers Guild’s Winter 2023 Virtual Writer in Residence

This Just In!!!! The Saskatchewan Writers Guild announces that Regina, Saskatchewan author, Marie Powell is the Winter 2023 Virtual Writer in Residence The SWG is pleased to announce Marie Powell as our Virtual Writer-in-Residence for February 1- April 30, 2023. Marie’s adventures in castle-hopping across North Wales resulted in her award-winning medieval fantasy series Last of the Gifted: Spirit Sight and Water Sight.

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Farther vs Further

Generally speaking, FARTHER is used when discussing only true DISTANCE and FURTHER is used when measuring FIGURATIVE DISTANCE. However, that isn’t completely true. Why? Well, let’s discuss it. Both FARTHER and FURTHER can be use as adverbs (modifies a verb, adverb, adjective, or phrase) and adjectives (modifies a noun or pronoun). When used in comparative (and superlative) forms, there really

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