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Writers 2 Remember: William Shakespeare

One of “the greatest writers to ever use the English language“ William Shakespeare… everyone knows him and yet, little is truly known about the man himself. The world’s most famous playwright, having works in various genres from historical to comedy, this poet remains a mystery even now. Even centuries after his death, conspiracy theories thrive. One of the biggest is

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Writers 2 Remember: SAPPHO

One of “The Greatest Lyric Poets“ Not a lot is know about the life of Sappho, or Psappha (in her native language of Aeolic Greek), who’s from the island of Lesbos. What is known? This renown and prolific poet lived from approximately c. 630 to c. 570 BC. She was considered one of the greatest lyric poets in antiquity, receiving titles

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Creative Edge Publicity GLOBAL BOOK AWARD Winners

CREATIVE EDGE PUBLICITY IS PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE MULTIPLE REPRESENTED WINNERS IN THE GLOBAL BOOK AWARDS!!!! The 2022 Global Book Awards for Self-Published Authors.Featuring our medal winners and finalists in each of their categories. The Global Awards aim to discover new talent as well as recognize fine examples of self-published books. As such, we hope they will give self-published authors the

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Norns Triad Publications Announcement

Norns Triad Publications is proud to announce they have signed authors Mary Elizabeth Jackson and Thornton Cline. We will begin our publishing collaboration with their award-winning Poohlicious series and their acclaimed middle grade book, Cheers from Heaven. However, we feel this is the beginning of a beautiful partnership. The incredible warmth and kindness of Mary and Thornton shines through in

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Writers 2 Remember: Iris Murdoch

One of “The 50 greatest British writers since 1945“ Iris Murdoch was a philosopher and writer who made an impact on how we looked at characters as well as issues with good and evil, sexual relationships, morality, and the power of the unconscious. She looked at writing in a way that dealt with the complexities and layers in ways that weren’t mainstream or

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Writers 2 Remember: Frederick Douglass

One of the foremost intellects of the 19th century Frederick Douglass was born into slavery to a mix-raced mother of Native American and Black heritage. Rumors claimed his white master was his father, but that remains unknown. Raised in beastly conditions, this incredible human being was cruelly segregated from his mother at an early age only to have her pass

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