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My Book Review of Keeper of the Unicorn : A Dark Fantasy Short Story

Keeper of the Unicorns by Sahara Foley My rating: 5 of 5 stars This is such an interesting story. It is both entertaining and disturbing. As someone with OCD and having gone through cognitive behavioral therapy, the aspects about texture really resonate with me on an odd level. LOL What I like is how this story is so out-of-the-box. Nothing

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Meet Teddy

MEET MY CHARACTER Tell us about your story: What is the name of your book? “Teddy Loses His Ears” is a nonfiction children’s story featuring hand painted illustrations.  When and where is your tale set? The story begins in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, but part of my adventure involves moving west across Canada to Surrey, British Columbia, where I currently live with

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My Book Review of Happy Birthday, Little Witch!

Happy Birthday, Little Witch! by Lieve Baeten My rating: 5 of 5 stars Love it! I read this with my preschool-aged granddaughter, and she was smitten. She’d just told me books were “boring” -to which I said, “you’ve just not found the right one yet.” After a brief hunt in our local library, this was her choice, and it was

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My Book Review of Teddy Loses His Ears

Teddy Loses His Ears by Christine Milkovic Krauss My rating: 5 of 5 stars * Great Message Presented In An Entertaining Way* This was absolutely wonderful, and I will be gifting it out as often as I can to the younger readers in my life! What I liked… so many things. First, the artistry was wonderful. The illustrations were endearing,

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