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Teddy Loves Spaghetti by Christine Milkovic Krauss

TEDDY LOVES SPAGHETTI The story of Teddy, the Cat Without Ears Continues!!! Published by Animal House Press and available in paperback! The Adventure of Teddy series, are all non-fiction stories for children and families about my real-life rescue cat named Teddy. Teddy lost his ears to frostbite while being homeless in freezing weather conditions in central Canada. All of the

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The Tangled Star by Edward Willett

Con-man, cop, and a talking cat who becomes a starship captain at the heart of twelfth novel for DAW Books by Saskatchewan author Edward Willett A con-man, a female cop on the moon with secret revolutionary leanings, and a genetically modified, AI-uplifted talking cat who eventually becomes a starship captain are at the heart of The Tangled Stars, the twelfth

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Whiskers Abroad by Carrie Carter

Whiskers Abroad:Ashi and Audrey’s Adventures in Japan A stunning debut by Carrie Carter Published by Bayou City PressThe book is available worldwide in digital and print format Whiskers Abroad is a lively travelogue featuring a trip to Japan shared by two main characters, Audrey and her cat Ashi, who alternate recounting their versions of events. During a twelve-day trip, the pair

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