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My Book Review of A Season in Lights: A Novel in Three Acts

A Season in Lights: A Novel in Three Acts by Gregory Erich Phillips My rating: 4 of 5 stars Emotional and Relatable I knew this book would resonated with me. I was the little girl who dreamt of being a ballerina. Growing up, not only was I in the band and choir, I joined a community theatre as well as

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#DidYouKnow – Songwriting & Poetry

Did you know that songwriting and poetry both have rhythm, rhyme, or both? Both are intended to make their audience feel something. There are many styles to both, but they remain paralleled to one another, nonetheless. These two art forms have always walked hand-in-hand through time. Poetry was the most popular form of storytelling, and it was often put to

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GROLAR By Thorsten Nesch

GROLAR Half Grizzly Half Polar Bear A Novel of Horror in Nature Like No Other By Critically Acclaimed Author and Musician Thorsten Nesch The book is available worldwide in digital across all platforms and as an audio book on Audible! Grolar: half grizzly bear, half polar bear Jon lost his job in Vancouver and finds work at a small gold

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AUTHOR AND MUSICIAN, SHANE WILSON WINS TWO BOOK AWARDS FOR HIS CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED NOVEL, THE SMOKE IN HIS EYES Award-winning author and musician Shane Wilson has won two Awards at the prestigious event, BookFest this past weekend—both were for his journey of music and magic, The Smoke in His Eyes.  The book placed second in Contemporary Fiction and third in

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Literacy Through Music & Poetry

Did you know that music and poetry have walked hand-in-hand throughout time? Perhaps if you consider the minstrel it will be more evident. Did you know that rhythm in language helps develop readers? That’s right – it is an important part of literacy. In antiquity, poetry (which was the popular form of storytelling and communal entertainment) was put to music or sung. Today. FOLK poetry and FOLK

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In The Key of Nira Ghani

In The Key of Nira Ghani The Award-Winning Novel by Natasha Deen A Guyanese girl must find the balance between her parents’ “old world” expectations and traditions while pursuing her dream of being a great trumpeter in this contemporary, coming-of-age story. Nira Ghani has always dreamed of becoming a musician. Her Guyanese parents, however, have big plans for her to

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