My Book Review of The Cleaners (Faraway collection)

The Cleaners (Faraway Collection)The Cleaners by Ken Liu
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Such Depth and Insight

I read a lot and love many of the stories I’m honored to experience. However, this tale was… special and unexpected. It had brillance and insight about humanity like I’ve never imagined.

Just this quote: “You never wanted to know the people you liked and admired too well; it was impossible to reconcile what they wanted you to know with what they didn’t. Few people were better than they remembered.” Wow, right?

This is so well written. It gives different viewpoints through various characters to help you see this amazing picture. One that’s profound, compelling, and important.

I recommend this short read. It’s deep, and it’ll stay with me… It has become a memory I intend to keep, even if that means repeat reads to keep it fresh.

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