My Book Review of Berry Murderous (Tea Shop Cozy Mystery Book 2)

Berry Murderous (Tea Shop Cozy Mystery, #2)Berry Murderous by Katherine Hayton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Enjoyable Read

I’m new to the genre of cozy mysteries, but thanks to Katherine Hayton, I’m a quick fan. This was an enjoyable read, which says a lot since someone died. It’s also a surprising 2nd installment to the series because I wasn’t sure where the take would go next. Now, I’m jazzed to jump into the 3rd.

As a catlady, obviously, Mavis is my favorite character. LOL
Reg is lovely, and I thrill that he’s a UFOlogist.
Willow and Harmony are fun characters, too. I’m increasingly becoming more invested, especially as their backstories come out more. It is endearing me to them and their incredible friendships.

I recommend this book, though I won’t say much about it. I don’t want to give any spoilers, and as a short read mystery, that’s too easy to do. Just know, it’s a good series to cuddle in with – but don’t forget for tea (or coffee)!

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