Writers 2 Remember: William Shakespeare

One of “the greatest writers to ever use the English language

William Shakespeare… everyone knows him and yet, little is truly known about the man himself. The world’s most famous playwright, having works in various genres from historical to comedy, this poet remains a mystery even now. Even centuries after his death, conspiracy theories thrive.

One of the biggest is arguments is that because William Shakespeare was a commoner and didn’t have a high level of formal education, he could not have been so capable a writer. I disagree. Some people are born with innate talents (like Mozart) while others are self-taught. A formal education and wealth does NOT constitute the basis for talent or creativity. Try again!

William Shakespeare dropped off the historical record for spell before reappearing. When he resurfaced, he began his writing career, penning plays for the theatre around 1592. Shakespeare was first published in 1593. He started with two of his poems, Venus and Adonis and Lucrece. In 1594, he had his first quartos published. This expanded is reach beyond the theatre and increased his popularity.

Interestingly, Shakespeare has no surviving linage. Neither of his daughters had children who lived into adulthood, so his family line died with them. Also, when he passed in 1616, a curse was put on his grave to ward off potential grave robbers.

Outside his amazing body of work and the dynamic aspects of his life that are known, William Shakespeare invented the Iambic Pentameter. This unit of language is still widely used today along with his influence in and upon literary works. The brilliance of William Shakespeare, his vulnerability, depth, and versatility has made him timeless. All of this combined is why I feel his a writer to remember.

“Reputation is an idle and most false imposition; oft got without merit, and lost without deserving.”


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