My Book Review of Are UFOs Atlantean?: An Ignored Explanation of UAP

Are UFOs Atlantean?Are UFOs Atlantean?: An Ignored Explanation of UAP by Robert Gerald Eckert
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Interesting Theory

I’ve always been fascinated by the tale of Atlantis and UFOs/USOs/UAPs. However, this is my first experience with this exact theory. As fascinating as this text is, I don’t buy it, though it’s an entertaining read.

The author makes great points and has great discussions/quotes from people such as Nick Pope and Stanton Friedman. This quote, in particular, was spot on: “UFO also begs the question. How do we know they are objects if they are unidentified? The term “unexplained aerial phenomenon” avoids presuming we are seeing physical objects. This general term ignores the fact that these phenomenon also are seen submerged.” Still, it didn’t convince me of his theory.

Why? Because this quote: “We know intelligent life evolved on earth. Why look elsewhere for an explanation of intelligently controlled technologically advanced craft?” I think this is short-sighted and somewhat egotistical; put Earth and humans back in the center of everything when we know we’re not. Besides, any theory without evidence is just an opinion.

This book is well right out and organized. It’s well researched, though none of the intended hyperlinks work. If you’re interested in these topics, I recommend this title for a fun read.

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