Dr. David D. Schein’s BAD DEAL FOR AMERICA


An inside look into the games politicians are playing with America’s money by critically acclaimed author, Dr. David D. Schein

Released and published by the Claremont Management Group!
The book is available worldwide in all formats

Bad Deal for America explores the high-stakes game U. S. politicians are playing with the taxpayers’ money. The major players, themselves like a deck of cards, have shown us in their own words that the political system is broken. Readers can follow the money to see how some have lived high on the hog while masquerading as public servants. Told in an entertaining and unique way, this book is a call to arms to fulfill the ideals of the founding fathers by holding the political class responsible.


“The Decline of America” offers a carefully documented analysis of seventeen U.S. presidents, Wilson through Obama. These men, eight Democrats and nine Republicans, have shaped the prior 100 years, not only for America, but for the world. Each president is profiled with unsparing scrutiny so we can see where it’s all gone wrong. Dr. Schein follows these critiques by proposing ways to improve America’s outlook for the next 100 years—before it’s too late.


Dr. David D. Schein is an author, professor, consultant and public speaker. He is a tenured Professor, the Director of Graduate Programs and the Endowed Chair of Management and Marketing at the University of St. Thomas’ Cameron School of Business. He is also the President and General Counsel of Claremont Management Group, a Human Resources consulting firm in Houston, TX. He often speaks on employment and consumer matters. While Conservative radio loves to bash Ivy League academics, Dr. Schein is an Ivy League graduate and a full-time academic, plus a solid conservative. He has radio experience and hosts the podcasts “Saving America” and “Business Law 101.”

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