My Book Review of Lure: Jesse & Hawk

Lure: Jesse & HawkLure: Jesse & Hawk by W.L. Hawkin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wonderful Story

This story has so much to offer – romance, adventure, mystery, heartbreak… There were twists and turns I didn’t see coming. It was a charming romance with an emotional mystery mixed in.

What I liked were the characters, especially Jesse & Jed/Hawk. I loved their passion – for the earth, life, culture… I loved the connection they shared and the understanding they had for one another.

I loved the respect for the Native American culture in this story, and how Jed’s family loved him unconditionally. The mysticism was accurate and made the tale more authentic. How this impacted and influenced Jed/Hawk helped to define the man, but it was also a big reason I liked his character so much. His relationship with Joe and his parent’s unconditional love/acceptance was very moving.

What I disliked was Sheriff Flanagan and the relationships he had. Sam’s life was a sad contrast to Jed/Hawk’s. Ira would fall in this area… and I’m still left feel uncertain about the man overall.

I definitely recommend this book. It has a lot to offer… it’s well paced, interesting, good characters, unique character stories… very good read.
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