My Book Review of Teddy Loses His Ears

Teddy Loses His EarsTeddy Loses His Ears by Christine Milkovic Krauss
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

* Great Message Presented In An Entertaining Way*

This was absolutely wonderful, and I will be gifting it out as often as I can to the younger readers in my life!

What I liked… so many things.
First, the artistry was wonderful. The illustrations were endearing, with the expressions and color. They were a joy, and I can tell any age reader will love them. As a cat lady, I particularly enjoyed them. So cute!
Second, the messages. There were great lessons for kids – 1) you need to be mindful in the cold, 2) you need to be thoughtful of your pets, and 3) being different is okay.
Lastly, it was just a really fun story.

What I didn’t like… as an editor and formatter, I tend to see things differently than a typical reader. That being said, I did note a few inconsistencies with the Oxford comma and the use of the word ‘and.’ Otherwise, there wasn’t anything I didn’t like.

I DEFINITELY recommend this book. As I said above, I will be purchasing this book for the littles in my life. I enjoyed it, and I know they will. I look forward to sharing the story with my grandkids!!
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