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Fun Art Exhibition & Book Giveaway!

NORNS TRIAD PUBLICATIONS OCTOBER 2021 GIVEAWAY By submitting your original drawing, you’re (1) acknowledging that you own the rights to said drawing and (2) you’re giving us permission to display your artwork on our blog (starting Nov 5, 2021) in an online art gallery. Classroom participation is encouraged, though pieces submitted by teachers must have written consent from parents to be included.

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New Childrens Book Launch

New From Maxy Award Winners, authors Thornton Cline and Mary Elizabeth Jackson Livestream starting at 12:00 PM on Jun 2, 2021 Event will be hosted on AMAZON LIVE: https://www.amazon.com/live/broadcast/d45e7190-d728-4e59-b32e-604e86eb5d78 LEARN MORE ABOUT THE FREE DRAWING HERE ABOUT MARY ELIZABETH JACKSON: Mary Elizabeth Jackson is the award-winning author of the children’s book series Poohlicious, (Tuscany Bay Books) with the third book coming out

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I’ll Take You to Seethe Ocean by Chantal Bellehumeur

 Book Spotlight 1)     What is the title of your book?  I’ll Take You to Seethe Ocean by Chantal Bellehumeur  Ø  What is the story about?                                                     i.     The short story is about a widowed mother fulfilling her five-year-old son’s desire to see the ocean by taking him on a cruise to the Magdalen Islands. Ø  Who is the main character? ·  Caroline,

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