My Book Review of Cretaceous Canyon: A Prehistoric Thriller

dinosCretaceous Canyon: A Prehistoric Thriller by Deborah Sheldon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This Story – so much to love and hate!!

Intense. That’s the best word to describe this story. It’s definitely a roller coaster ride of action, and the author gives a thrilling tale with vivid details and emotions. The writing keeps you engaged once it snags you in around chapter 3.

What I loved was the psychology of the characters. I enjoyed how the author wove in their backstories to paint who each person was. It made them real and relatable, even when things weren’t always plausible.

I enjoyed the knowledge the author seemed to have about dinosaurs and Australia. Unfortunately, that same attention to detail didn’t apply for all elements of the book. I struggled with run-on sentences, spelling errors, subject changes, and incorrect details. If they were meant to be errors on the part of the character opposed to the author, that was unclear (to avoid spoilers, I won’t elaborate).

Overall, this was an entertaining read. I wish I had a little more answers (I feel there’s potential for a whole story on Devi Industries), but I’ve not seen a sequel. If this story becomes a series, I’d definitely read it. It’s flawed but powerful and human.

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