My Book Review of Dinorella: A Prehistoric Fairy Tale

DinorellaDinorella: A Prehistoric Fairy Tale by Pamela Duncan Edwards
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A Cute Retelling of Cinderella

I read this book with my granddaughters. The older of the two selected it from her school library and brought it along on her visit, asking me to read it. Though cute and engaging, I am not sure this story stands the tests of time.

I liked the illustrations, the repetition of the letter D, and the dinosaur theme. All of these gave a lovely new perspective on an old fairy tale, easily recognizable. The repeating D offered a fun way for kids to become accustomed with the letter and to build around the lesson plan for D. And, of course, everyone loves dinosaurs.

What I disliked was some of the story elements that were retained and how. For example, in the modern world, we don’t need a negative stigma on “step” siblings nor do we need to encourage disparaging name calling (I think it was dumbhead or something like that used). Also, albeit less dramatic than the Grimm Brothers’ version, I was a bit surprised that Duke Dudley was being dragged away to be eaten! Older kids are able to cope with that, but it is something younger kids will need to have supervision on and parental discussion with.

There were definitely things the author did right, but obviously, things that could have been approached in a more universal way for all ages to enjoy this more. The reader’s maturity level might make a difference when considering the content of this story. If you have a sensitive child, possibly being eaten by a bully and using name-calling is not your bag of chips.

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