My Book Review of I Met Parashurama!: He is still alive. (An Inspirational Hindu Fiction)

PaulI Met Parashurama!: He is still alive. by Jayanth Dev
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Inspiring Read

As a person who loves archeology and theology, this book was a must read. It combined my interests in a creative and engaging way that was quite poetic. It is fiction, but is it? The thought-provoking tale is so profound, it read more like a true memoir.

The way the author took me on the journey with him was great. He wrote with a natural voice that didn’t overwhelm me, even though he was sharing a lot of information. His style is never preachy. In fact, he has the narrator represent multiple views without insulting or negating anyone’s belief. They include a secular take as a researcher, one from his Christian upbringing, and then from the enlightenment received from Hinduism.

The closing paragraph is what I loved the most. It was a beautiful way to close the story while pulling it all together. It is so inspiring. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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