#BookMuse – New Identity

  • What is the title of your book?
    New Identity
    • Is it a standalone, part of a series, an anthology, or short story?
    • Would you tantalize readers with a synopsis?
      • BOOM!! The ground shudders beneath Melissa’s feet as the flames engulf her home. A new identity and a new life is waiting for Sharna in Boston, whether she liked it or not. She is lucky to survive. She was meant to die.
      • Jerrod Grost saves the life of another innocent and sends her to Boston. Her name is now Sharna Cauldwell and Jerrod is in love. There was no way he could’ve killed her, not that he killed the innocent.
      • The danger isn’t over as the story gathers momentum. Will they survive or will death take them both after all.
  • What inspired this tale?
    • I started writing this back in 2016 and I think it was for an anthology which never happened. It was left for a few years.
    • Did you have to do any research, and if so, what, and why?
      • Yes. I had to research Boston to find some history and what museums they have, types of housing and the sea front for piers and restaurants.
    • Did you learn anything new or surprising while you wrote this book that you’d like to tell us about?
      • I always knew that Boston US was named after Boston in England, though I lacked a lot of knowledge about Boston US and the surrounding area. The battles fought, the ship which is a museum etc.
  • Who is the main protagonist of the story?
    Jerrod Francis Grost
    • Do you feel your character is relatable to readers of all ages?
      • No, as it’s an adult book. He’s more relatable to over 18’s
      What made you write this character? Were they based on a real person or something that inspired you?
      • My characters build themselves. He’s not based on anyone I know, he just is
      • What should readers know about your protagonist?
        • He’s a good guy who hates his job, dislikes his brother, and is fed up with his father. He loves deeply and completely. When he’s angry he bakes… and bakes. His best friend teases him about it.
        Why are they important to you?
        • If Jerrod wasn’t a character, then there would be no story and Sharna would never have survived.
      Do you consider the main character to be good or bad, and why?
      • As the eldest son of a mob boss he plays his role as an enforcer, taking out the dirty and low life’s of society. Behind his father’s back he saves the innocent by giving them new identities and new lives away from his father. Jerrod is also a Government Agent, his family don’t know though his brother is getting nosey.
    • What’s the objective of your character?
      • To get his own life away from his families clutches and settle down with the woman he loves. Also to finish the book he is writing.
  • Is there anything specific you’d like readers to know about this piece of work?
    The book is total fiction, and some things take place which probably wouldn’t happen in life as quickly as they do. There is a part with sexual assault though no details, however the mention of it may trigger some readers.
    • Is there a moral or idea you’re trying to convey, and if yes, what?
      • Jerrod tries to protect the innocent who get caught up in mob business.
  • What was your writing process like?  For example, do you use an outline, or do you let the story flow as you write (“pantser”)?
    My fingers do the talking. I have no control over the story until after it is written when I then go through and edit, taking out parts or altering to improve the overall story.
    • Do you have a writing routine?  Like, do you get your cup of coffee to write in your office in silence, or do you prefer to sit on the deck with the radio playing in the background?  What atmosphere is conducive to your creativity?
      • I like to have some sound in the background be it the TV, or music. I write when the bug hits, sometimes going through old manuscripts and finishing them and on the odd occasion writing a new draft.
      • Did any of your preferences change while writing this title, and if so, what, and why?
        • Any preferences I would’ve had would change during the editing. I took out the details of the sexual assault not wanting to trigger anyone reading the book.
  • Where can readers connect with you and purchase your book? If you have a universal link, please provide it here.

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