#DidYouKnow – The U.S. Number of WWII Submarines Casualties

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I recently visited the National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg, Texas. Originally in honor of Admiral Nimitz, he would not have a memorial that didn’t honor ALL those who served. During my visit, I discovered many new things. One tidbit… Did you know how many submarines the United States lost during World War II? Me, either.

Everyone has heard of the German U-boats. They were used during WWI and WWII to attack and blockade enemy ships. Their heaviest use was in an economic-warfare role (commerce raiding) against the United StatesCanada, and British Empire in an attempt to cut off supply lines to Britain and Europe.

Many haven’t heard about the Japanese I-boats, which featured in the Pacific War, the aspect of WWII that happened in the Pacific Ocean following the attack on Pearl Harbor, which finally drew the U.S. into the war.

“In World War II, 52 US submarines were lost, with a total of 3,506 officers and enlisted men killed. The US Navy Submarine Service had the highest casualty percentage of any American forces in the War: about 20%.”

National Park Service: Submarines in World War II

The United State used their subs almost exclusively in the Atlantic realm. Of the 52 submarines lost, 48 of them casualties DURING the war while 4 were POST-WAR losses.

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