My Book Review of Catlumbus

catlumbusCatlumbus by Franny Plaia
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Cute Adventure for Kids

Being a cat lady, grandmother, and avid reviewer, this was an obvious choice for me to read. I am happy to say it did not disappoint. The illustrations were wonderful, the adventure just long enough for the targeted age of the audience, and the fun cat puns were a joy for parents reading to littles.

I liked that the focus of the story wasn’t on finding the treasure or getting rich. The characters seemed more interested in the journey. They seemed to relish in the adventure they were having, and then the friendship they discovered along the way. That made the book pleasurable for me as an adult and a positive tale for young readers who love pirates, treasure hunts, or surviving being stranded on islands.

All my readers know I catch punctuation, and there were some issues in the text. However, most readers won’t notice, and if a few trouble quotation marks is all I can fault, I’d say this book is a win LOL With colorful artwork that features charming kitties and – gasp! – even a snake that didn’t frighten me, but made me go awww… that is impressive.

I recommend this story. For the youngest of littles, the illustrations and searching the pictures for the items the kitties seek will be their treasure. For those 6-9, this will be a fun read, and even a challenging title for a school list or report.
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