Extinction Hymns by Eric Raglin


The newest collection of horror and science fiction by author, Eric Raglin

Released and published by Brigids Gate Press
The book is available worldwide in e-format

A vengeful owl haunts the man who poached her. A desperate entrepreneur holds a ghost hostage for profit. An addict finds hope and terror in an imprisoned angel. A father and son search their dying world for something to eat other than human flesh. Eric Raglin, author of Nightmare Yearnings, returns with his second collection of horror and weird fiction. Strange, terrifying, and tender, these eighteen stories explore what happens when extinction comes for us all.

About Eric Raglin:

Eric Raglin (he/him) is a Nebraskan speculative fiction writer. His debut short story collection is NIGHTMARE YEARNINGS, and his second collection, EXTINCTION HYMNS, is out December 2022. He is the editor of SHREDDED: A SPORTS AND FITNESS BODY HORROR ANTHOLOGY and ANTIFA SPLATTERPUNK. Find him at ericraglin.com or on Twitter @ericraglin1992

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