Meet Chairman Lo Chang


  • Tell us about your story:
    • What is the name of your book?What genre is it?
      • Thriller – Techno Thriller
    • When and where is your tale set?
      • This thriller spans cities around the world including Luxemburg, Spain, U.S., Australia, China, and Russia. Cybercrime has no boundaries.
  • Who are you?
    • What is your name?
      • Chairman Lo Chang is my name. Memorable, isn’t it?
      Are you a fictional or historical character?
      • Fictional but my role as a Chairman Chang as a high placed Chinese official in the People’s Republic of China is ripped from today’s headlines.
      What’s your role in the story – are you the protagonist or a supporting character?
      • As Chairman of the ruling committee over Cyber Warfare University here in the People’s Republic of China. My duty is to push the Chinese agenda on the world stage to achieve global dominance.  My adversaries seem committed to keep my country as a backwater developing country, but I am not content to let other countries dictate our position. As a consequence, I must assert my country’s policies in many sectors of the globe to maintain our influence.
      Are you a human, animal, alien, robot, or something completely different?
      • I, Chairman Lo Chang, am the very pinnacle of human evolution. My white tiger does my bidding when I’m crossed.
    • Do you consider yourself to be good, bad, or indifferent?  Would others agree with this assessment – why, or why not?
      • My adversaries don’t believe my policies are for the good of my countrymen, but only for my country’s ideology. Nothing is further from the truth.  I’ve heavily invested personal funds in some of the country’s most democratic endeavors such as the gaming casino in Macau. Why even my archrival in Russia, Dmitry, requested I join him in weekly cyber games.  His kindness has allowed us to put the stress of our government jobs aside and just be gamers for a few hours. I am convinced this has made me a better, more just autocrat.
  • What do we need to know about you?
    • What is your personal goal?  I mean, what do you ultimately want?
      • As a young student going to school in the U.K. I learned how important a good standard of living is to the individual. Thus, this is valuable for citizens in my country to achieve at any price. Is it too much to ask that a few Yuan collected from my activities find their way into my private offshore bank accounts? I find it rewarding and altruistic to offer my fellow countrymen a place to bet and probably win a comfortable lifestyle in the casino.
      What is standing in your way?  What conflict(s) do you face?
      • There seems to be some self-righteous organization trying to insert themselves into my country’s activity with the intent of interrupting my plans. China has a good justice system, we deliver fair government efforts, and our care for the common citizen is always first in our thinking. This CATS team has taken on a sinister vigilante role with our state policies, insisting we return hard cryptocurrency won in fair competition. They overstep the boundaries of authority; they do not possess.
      Why is this goal important to you?  What’s your motivation?
      • As Chairman, I am constantly reminded of the betrayal of my country’s effort to be treated equally on the world stage of economics. We are kind people, but our adversaries believe we are only out to attack or steal from the rest of the world. We must protect our ancient culture of life from those who would challenge us.
    • If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be, and why?
      • My role as Chairman comes at a steep price of personal goals. I have no full-time woman, so I must rely on suitable rented companionship from time to time. I take solace in the fact that my two wards, Won and Ton, are the blessing of children I never had. I’m sure the parents who I bought the twin boys from, would share in the joy and pride I have of them, from Heaven as per their Confucius beliefs. I look on that opportunity of my purchase as a blessing from above.
  • How do I get a copy of your book?
    • Is it available now, or when can we expect to see it released?


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