My Book Review of Qurbaan: A Poet’s Liberation

QurbaanQurbaan: A Poet’s Liberation by Zaira Pirzada
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sad, Moving, and Painful

I can feel the emotions in the author’s words. Though it’s poignant and beautiful, it’s also disturbing and dark. My heart cries for her, though, sometimes, her anger felt personal.

I can’t understand the racial discrimination someone faces nor the displacement from one’s homeland. However, as a female, I do know oppression and what it is to be a 2nd class citizen. I can say with 100% certanty that all ills of the world cannot be blamed on “America” or “Protestant” or even “White People.” I won’t pretend like I’ve experienced what the author has, but I don’t buy into a “catch all” evil, either. Humanity is deeply flawed and needs a lot of work if they expect to exist past our ugliness.

“When I’m Home,” “Why Not,” and “Marks” were very moving. Her prose was thought-provoking with comments such as: “And so how do we intend to eat the fruit from the dying tree?” and “Imagine my surprise when they asked the surgeon for my body.” I want to say I, personally, think there’s beauty in all things, if you chose to see it. Diversity is life blood and something I’m most grateful for.

I recommend this book of poetry. I think it’s a little dark, but it can help some people step into at least the author’s shoes for a moment. Seeing life in a new way is not only the strive of a writer, but how we can change the world. These poems might help some see with new eyes so they can be kinder and more accepting. How beautiful would that be?
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