My Book Review of The Hillside (Warmer collection)

hillsideThe Hillside by Jane Smiley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Different View of Humanity

What a fascinating tale. I was captivated by the thought of animals dominating over humans and how they perceived what humanity had done to the earth. The hierarchy of society was intriguing, as well.

What I liked was High Note’s compassion and curiosity. With the horses on the edge of the animal kingdom, closest to the humans, it gave her a unique outlook. I would’ve enjoyed learning more about her and Plucky’s connection with one another.

What I disliked is probably what I find frustrating about humans – their disrespect for each other and all things. The boy who felt he should have dominion over everything even when others were pleading for mercy was sickening. The arrogance is disturbing.

I recommend this short story. It is thought-provoking and original. An entertaining tale, it was also emotional.
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