Volume One

Real Life Stories of Women of Faith

An anthology series of faith, perseverance, and personal connection told by twenty women. Coordinated by author Kim Lengling

The book is published by Listening to Your Voice Publishing and is available worldwide in digital and print format

With Volume One of the When Grace Found Me series, you will find with each turn of the page, words of encouragement, hope and God’s grace living in the women who share their personal testimonies within this series. Through faith, perseverance, overcoming fear, anxiety and loss, the women come to realize that God has been with them every step of the way. When Grace Found Me is a series for anyone who may be seeking a reminder of God’s unending love for us.

Other books in the series:

About Kim:

Kim is a multi-published author, writer, podcast host of Let Fear Bounce, and TV show host of The Write Stuff, The Authors Voice with the Believe In Your Dreams TV Network.

In addition, she is an active speaker sharing her story of being a female veteran living with PTSD and spreading a message of Hope. She regularly speaks for local veteran and women’s organizations in her hometown area and across numerous global organizations.

She has been writing and speaking with empathy and emotion since 2004 showcasing her faith, nature, love of rescue animals, and advocacy for veterans living with PTSD. She showcases her writing through her books, business, and website; www.kimlenglingauthor.com.

She is the lead author and coordinator of the collaborative 3-book anthology series titled When Grace Found Me. In addition, she is a published co-author in seven anthologies and numerous print and online global newspapers and magazines.

Kim sees each day as an opportunity to spread hope and encouragement.

“The world can be a dark place. I choose to toss nuggets of hope out into the world like confetti; little sparks of light in the darkness.”

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