My Book Review of Bigfoot, Ufo’S & The Paranormal: True Encounters

Bigfoot, Ufo’S & The Paranormal: True EncountersBigfoot, Ufo’S & The Paranormal: True Encounters by Paul G. Buckner
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Entertaining Quick Read

I’m completely taken by Sasquatch/Bigfoot – have been for a long as I can recall. I’m not an outdoorsy gal, though I’ve done my share of camping and hiking, so you won’t find me searching anything in the woods. Still, I’m constantly after other resources of data, such as this book.

A proud great-granddaughter of a Cherokee medicine woman, Native American lore and wisdom is important to me. It’s blended into my Christian faith as naturally as being an author is part of my storytelling heritage. That being said, I’ve gravitated to the tales of Sasquatch/Bigfoot, and even written my own books about them. I think it’s safe to say that, even though I’m not certain what exactly they are, I believe they exist.

Of the accounts in this book, I was most moved by Sam’s. His experience is most in-line with what I’ve found with the Salish beliefs and what I believe. The guy stalked by a group (Rake, I think) seems feasible, too, because he understood they “could have” overpowered him “if they chose.” However, none were violent. I do have to say, Rake’s “missing time” does play into the hypothesis that Sasquatch/Bigfoot is some sort of alien. Interesting…

Whatever you believe, these are entertaining stories of personal experiences. It is a quick read, filled with mystery, action, and wonder. It doesn’t answer any questions, but it never promised to, either. I recommend this to readers who love myth and lore, aliens, and unsolved mysteries.
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