#BookMuse – The Adventures of Alex: Lemonade Wars

  • What is the title of your book?
  • Is it a standalone, part of a series, an anthology, or short story?
    • 2nd book written for my series.
  • Would you tantalize readers with a brief synopsis of the story?
    • Alex and his friends come face to face with a neighborhood bully. He is trying to stop Alex and his friends from selling Lemonade. Do they try to get along or will they find out the true problem? Join in on the Adventure to find out.
  • What inspired this tale?
    • The second book was inspired by a reader who asked me to write about a bully in positive criticism. Where I lived, I always seen kids playing outside, selling lemonade and playing with squirt guns and water bombs. The good old fashion fun.
  • Did you have to do any research – if so, what, and why?
    • The research was conducted by my childhood because I was bullied firsthand in elementary school. I decided to write about it.
    • Did you learn anything new writing this book – if so, what?
      • Kids today don’t play outside like I used to when I was younger. Much less learn songs like, who stole the cookie from Cookie Jar. It amazes me. When you come home from work or sitting at home on the weekend, you don’t see any activity of kids playing or screaming and yelling outside by just simple fun.
  • Who is the main protagonist of the story?
    The bully and Alex became the main characters of the book.
    • Do you feel your character is relatable for readers of all ages?
      • These characters from my first book and as well as my second book are so relatable to children today. It shows the functionality on how kids can be if they are brave enough to find out about a bully or what makes him act out. Not to mention some tough decisions kids have to make along the way. I would hope all kids would report bullyism. No kid should have to go through it.
    • What made you write this character; were they based on a real person or something that inspired you?
      • What made me write this character is a lot of children has come in contact with a bully. I made this story fun.
      • What should readers know about your protagonist?
        • The objective of my character was to show, even a bully doesn’t have to be a bully. It’s what kids perceive it to be or what they thought they saw.
  • Is there anything specific you’d like readers to know about this piece of work?
    • I want my readers to enjoy my work and have fun reading these life lessons stories in hopes of not becoming a bully and understand people and to just be a kid and have fun.
  • Is there a moral or idea you’re trying to convey – if yes, what, and why?
    • The moral of the story is not to give up – always try to be the best you can be and to be brave at times.
  • What was your writing process like?  For example, do you use an outline, or do you let the story flow as you write (“pantser”)? Do you have a writing routine?  Like, do you get your cup of coffee to write in your office in silence, or do you prefer to sit on the deck with the radio playing in the background?  What atmosphere is conducive to your creativity?
    • The writing process for this book was fun. I used my normal routine by listening to music in my ears while writing. It gives me creativity.
    • Did any of your preference change while writing this title, and if so, what, and why?
      • None of my preferences changed while writing this book. I just have a story to tell.
  • Where can readers connect with you and purchase your book?
    • Readers can connect with me on adventuresofalexseries.com, and they can purchase my books at the website and on Amazon.      

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