It’s World Introvert Day

I am an introvert.

Today, January 2nd, we celebrate World Introvert Day. Do you know what that is or even what that means? It’s okay if you don’t. I’m an introvert, and I didn’t.

What I learned is that today is meant to bring awareness so people DO understand what it means – not just the day’s meaning or purpose, but what it is to be an introvert. See, it can often be disguised and unrecognized because, sometimes, it can appear manic or just make a person seem awkward. Twitchy, perhaps. It can even be mistaken for (since it is often combined with) the person being an empath (I know that is true for me, personally).

Introverts internalize. They tend to have a lower threshold for stimulus and find renewal in calm, natural settings… quiet. They retreat into solitude to recharge. This doesn’t mean they cannot have great fun or be energetic. Often, you find them wonderous entertainers, such as Robin Williams, but you also find they have very deep, private sides. They are often cerebral beings, frequently described as bookish.

So, today, my fellow book-loving introverts, let us recharge in the comfort of our sanctities. Grab your favorite books, that soft snuggle blanket, and your beverage of choice, then settle in for some relaxing contemplation to enjoy this day!


  • I’m an introvert, too. It’s nice to know there’s easily accessible and understandable for introverts and for those who live and work with them.

    • Agreed. I thought this observance falling at the start of the year was really wonderful, as well – a bit of introspect and reflection to bid farewell to the old and bring in the new. It just seemed so well thought out to me.

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