My Book Review of Pestilence: Breathe If You Dare

Pestilence: Breathe If You DarePestilence: Breathe If You Dare by Brian L. Porter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*Smart and Entertaining!*

PESTILENCE is a smart and entertaining thriller written by the award-winning author, BRIAN L. PORTER.
It is well researched and completely believable! The author’s knowledge of history and medicine are exceptional. Though this isn’t really “historical fiction,” it certainly has it’s roots well founded in reality!
The story is subtle in it’s approach, so much so that you don’t notice yourself getting lost in the pages, but you do! This story will consume you, drawing you into the 1958 post WWII world of the little town of Olney St. Mary, located in the English countryside. Before you know it, you’ll be captivated by the town; worried for the lovely towns people who are infected with a horrible pestilence and the medical staff struggling to save their lives!
I definitely recommend this book. Brian L. Porter has a poetic style to his writing that illustrates the world in which you are transformed to in vivid detail. His characters are real with their flaws and endearing with their aspirations!
I must say that the ending was a surprise! I certainly didn’t see it coming! Well done!

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