Happy National Native American Heritage Day


November is Native American Heritage Month.  Today – November 27, 2020 – is National Native American Heritage Day.  It\’s a time to celebrate the many cultures and traditions of the Native Americans across the American continents.  When we can truly appreciate the heritage of the true founders of our nations, and those of whom many of us are descendants.  

My Great-great-grandmother, Josie, was a Cherokee medicine woman.

Her son (my Great-grandfather), and his sons after him, were military men – warriors. They served their communities and gave to their people while they, also, farmed the land.

My sister and I continue the work of our linage.  Jodi is a registered nurse (RN).  I was a certified nursing assistant and have served in the United States Air Force.

Our nation is as strong as our people (we are all brothers and sisters) and as healthy as our land (to which we are tethered).   This is what I was taught and how I believe.

There are many myths and legends I love.  However, one that has always spoken to me on a personal level is the belief that we give a piece of our soul to those we connect with… those we love.  It is said we feel pain when someone passes from this world to the next because a piece of them remains with us here while a part of us goes with them there.  Finally, when more of us has moved into the other world, that is when we die and move on.  No matter what ones religion is or isn\’t, I like to believe we are bound together… to one another and to nature.

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