My Book Reviews for Novels 9-12 of the Peoples Books

North America’s Forgotten Past
The First North Americans
Written by
Kathleen O’Neal Gear and W. Michael Gear

People of the Mist (North America\'s Forgotten Past, #9)People of the Mist by W. Michael Gear
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Book For All Readers Who Love Mysteries, Crime Novels, and Romance!
Once again we see why the Gears are award-winning archaeologists and acclaimed writers!
This book is a little different in the series because the focus isn’t on a dreamer. However, it is riddled with intense emotion, plots twists, political agendas from the prehistoric landscape that could rival any seen in today’s news headlines, and it brings our American history to life. It educates readers about the Algonquin Nation, located in the Chesapeake Bay with a captivating tale that draws you in and keeps you guessing!
I highly recommend this book and the entire series!

People of the Masks (North America\'s Forgotten Past, #10)People of the Masks by W. Michael Gear
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Little Something for Everyone – humor, heartbreak, horror, and so much more!
I loved the characters in this novel. I loved the relationships between Rumbler and Wren. It was also interesting to see how these two children faced the hardships a prehistoric landscape and politically charged power-struggle presented.
Though the story is very suspenseful, it also has humor in the pages. It is a very entertaining read and I highly recommend it. You don’t have to be a historical fiction fan to appreciate this book. There’s so much it offers to readers that I wouldn’t try to diminish its value by limiting it to one particular genre. If you love reading, then you are such to love this novel!
This book covers the Iroquois Nation, which has been a huge influence on our country’s history before it became the United States and in the structure of the government itself. This book does a wonderful job of showing us how our Native American ancestors lived, believed, and helped to shape the world we live in.

People of the Owl (North America\'s Forgotten Past, #11)People of the Owl by Kathleen O’Neal Gear
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

One of My Favorites From the Series!
I loved Mud Puppy, who is later named Salamander when he is trust into a leadership role after the death of his older brother. He is such a loving soul and I just adore him. The struggles he faces and the uncontrollable events that shape and direct his life just tear my heart apart.
I enjoyed the rich descriptions of the landscapes and the detailed depiction of the Native Americans who created Poverty Point in Epps, Louisiana. The story pulled me in and kept me in its grips from cover to cover. I felt like I was really there and I received a wonderful understanding of the cultural beliefs of our ancestors.
I think this story will appeal to readers of all genres. It is a psychological thriller with a supernatural flare, but it is also historical fiction at its best with a romantic flow. That is one thing I love about this series and the Gears – they has something for everyone!

People of the Raven (North America\'s Forgotten Past, #12)People of the Raven by W. Michael Gear
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Masterful, Intriguing, and Thought-provoking!
The Kennewick Man – do I have your attention yet? That was all it took for the Gears to have mine!
I love the different theories about how North America was populated and what peoples were here pre-Columbus. I am also an avid reader, particularly drawn to historical fiction, pre-historic works, and Native American lore. The Gears give me all the elements that make a story a powerhouse for me and the biggest part of that mix is their detailed and rich storytelling. They just make me live the story along with the incredible characters.
While I was in the military, I was stationed out in the Pacific Northwest. I have been to the Columbia River Gorge and other areas presented in the book so that added an extra layer to my reading experience. I also remember the head lines when the Kennewick Man was discovered and the debates its discovery incited about the Caucasoids in our Nation’s pre-history. This made the tale more enticing because it was something I could really relate to on a personal level.
Masterful storytelling, vivid images, intriguing characters, questionable creatures, and fascinating theories… I love the Gears and this series only gets better and better! HIGHLY recommended to book-lovers!

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