My Book Reviews for Novels 5-8 of the Peoples Books

North America’s Forgotten Past
The First North Americans
Written by
Kathleen O’Neal Gear and W. Michael Gear

People of the Sea (North America\'s Forgotten Past, #5)People of the Sea by W. Michael Gear
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Layered With Adventure and Heart!
I love how the Gears write an opener to each of the stories that is set in modern times. I enjoy the way they link the past to the present. I also appreciate how the issues of today are echoed in the truths of the ancients.
This tale has domestic abuse, incest, and strife. It shows the impact of environmental change on its society and how it literally altered the landscape of the world. I was so sad with the loss of the Mammoths, especially as I see so many species in danger of extinction today.
The Gears hit the mark again by writing intriguing characters, exciting adventures, and surprising twists. The struggle for Kestrel to find independence from an abusive husband, withstand a birth unaided while being pursued, and battling to survive in a prehistoric landscape are incredible. To add the layer of emotion that allows the reader to connect to the insecurities of the Dreamer and the sense of being abandoned by the spirit world to face destruction was genius. I definitely recommend this book, especially if you love historical fiction or Native American lore.

People of the Lakes (North America\'s Forgotten Past, #6)People of the Lakes by W. Michael Gear
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another Thought-provoking Novel by the Amazing Gears!
This book in the series is one that had a deeper impact on me. The haunting elements from the tale still provoke deep thought.
Tallman, the dwarf magician of the High head society, is such an intriguing character. Most of the time, I cannot tell if I like him or hate him. Either way, he fascinates me. The false dreamer in the book is an accurate depiction of the corruption of power and it evokes a lot of emotion. There is a lot of humanity in this story, both good and bad.
Growing up so close to Lake Superior, having played on its shores and in its water, I really enjoyed the setting of this book. I enjoyed learning about the Native American tribes that lived on my homelands in the ancient past. It gave a deeper sense of connection for me, both to the writing and to history. Well done!

People of the Lightning (North America\'s Forgotten Past, #7)People of the Lightning by W. Michael Gear
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An Albino Living in the Sunshine State? Great Stuff!
I loved this book. Again, the introduction from modern times was interesting, educational, and set the foundations for the coming story. I liked that this was about a Native American tribe – Windover people – that was sort of set apart from other tribes. I enjoyed the explanations and depictions of the burial rights and other cultural elements from this ancient society. It helped to bring history to life in a very relate-able way.
I found the hero, White Lightning Boy, Pondwater to be endearing. He sounded beautiful to me. The way people felt about Thunderbirds and Albinos was interesting and added to the story greatly. I enjoyed seeing how people’s beliefs tie into nature and how they try to explain natural events.
Having visited Florida and having had lived in Charleston, SC and TX, where I encountered hurricanes, it was cool to see how ancient peoples might have looked at those same areas and events. The story was very vivid for me and I loved getting lost in the tale!

People of the Silence (North America\'s Forgotten Past, #8)People of the Silence by W. Michael Gear
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Gears Weave a Tale that is Captivating and Educational!
Wow! Just, wow!
This was one of my first in-depth views of the Anasazi, the Katchinas, and to Chaco Canyon. It created a thirst for knowledge in me and drew me deeper into the overall book series. It not only gave me a greater understanding of the culture of these ancient peoples and how they impacted life in the southwestern region of the United States, but it also offered a plausible explanation to their disappearance. The story was well-written, intelligent, and face-paced. It was gripping and heart-felt, while offering dangers and darkness in the midst of love and hope.
Once again, the Gears shine as their literary talents display their amazing abilities as enticing storytellers. The reader is swallowed into this rich, detailed world and captivate from cover to cover. This is one of those novels that give readers a “book hangover” and must be pondered and experienced even after the tale ends!

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