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WhiskeyForever Human: Humanity’s last chance by Ian E. Slatter
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Wow… Crazy

What an intense read. Powerful and emotional, even if flawed. It does a great job showing one of the harsh realities of humanity, for sure.

I don’t agree with the ideology. I think it’s as narrow-minded as Ash, but the message is the important part. The message is that we need to do and be better, or we don’t deserve the blessings we’re given. That is true.

Just as the “truth” was polarized between the Mission (Ash) and the Truth (Maya), the author made this black and white. There was a murmur of the colors between, but they were a fleeting consideration. I understood why, but it’s not true to life or human nature. And, in the end, the final decision was based on this closed view of reality.

Some of this story shocked me because, as it unveiled, my image of things was reconstructed. What I naturally saw in my mind as diversity became homogeneous. That felt wrong for so many reasons, the least being that stale genetics leads to almost instant death. The best chance for survival IS genetic diversity, but again, not the point the author wanted to make.

This story didn’t surprise me, but it did sadden me. I think mostly because it felt like the author missed what it really means to be “human” as he only focused on our cruelty. He missed how we learn, grow, and progress beyond.

I do think you should read this. This crazy emotional ride will illustrate some important things even as it misses its mark on other vital opportunities to show what humanity is and can be. At any rate, it will leave you thinking about the kind of person you want to be and the imprint you want to make. THAT makes it really special.

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