My Book Review of Look At Me (Inspired Kids Book 2)

book 2Look At Me by Mary Elizabeth Jackson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Endearing and Encouraging

Inspired Kids is an appropriate name for this book and series. It is lovely in how it encourages kids to explore their world and who they are. I like the empowerment it gives to kids to be independent and adventurous while being mindful of the love and care of their family.

I love how the children in this story get excited about the small accomplishments that are so big in their lives. As adults we forget just how important these small steps are in the moment they occur for the kids, but the author caught their excitement brilliantly with the, “look at me!” I smiled as I thought of my own children and grandchildren making these momentous milestones in life.

This is an endearing book for adults to read with their littles. However, it is also a fun book for our young readers to pick up and practice their reading skills with. It is colorful and vibrant… I definitely recommend it.

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