My Book Review of Artie and the Wolf Moon

ArtieArtie and the Wolf Moon by Olivia Stephens
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Great Story!

I was drawn in by the blurb, though I’m not a big fan of graphic novels or comic books per se. However, this was a great story, and I loved it. It’s the best I’ve read in this genre yet!

I loved the message about family and the need for honest, open communication. The forgiveness and healing were perfect, especially in this day and age. The inclusion of mythical creatures, forbidden love, coming-of-age, and friendship enhanced the plot.

This was a modern tale for young adult readers. Emotional, not sappy. Dark, but not disturbing. I felt it was very well done. The format of a graphic novel delivered it in a vibrant medium that really brought it to life.

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