My Book Review of Monsters in the Midwest: The Complete Trilogy

collectionMonsters in the Midwest: The Complete Trilogy by Scott Burtness
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Such A Fun Read!

This was my first time reading Scott Burtness’ work, but it won’t be the last. He is a masterful storyteller. Things aren’t always plausible, and there are some plot holes, but none of that matters. The author gets you laughing with fantastic metaphors and amazing descriptions – you’re just sucked into the story, which is what you want as a reader.

Book 1 – vampire
Herb is a delight, though he’s his own antagonist. First, he’s mediocre because he can’t see his own potential. Then, as he starts to figure things out, he’s too timid to break out of the comfort zone he’s created. Hmmm… but being a vampire is giving him a new life, right? Does that mean there’s hope?

Book 2 – werewolf
Ugh, Dallas… He was not my favorite character, so how’d this become my favorite book in the trilogy?
The action ramps up from Book 1, as well as Dallas’ feelings about events that happened with Herb the vampire. But how does that bring us from a vampire in Wisconsin to a Wolfman?

Book 3 – zombie
I know you saw it coming because I did, and not just because it was on the cover or in the name. Come on – you can’t do monsters without the big 3, right? So, of course, Stanley is our zombie… and yet there are so many layers to tale. Are you ready to peel back the skin and let your eyes get bloodshot from reading non-stop?

The entire trilogy was entertaining. The characters are the kind of people you want to be friends with, the little town isn’t as sleepy as it appears, and forever doesn’t matter when you have today. Definitely a series to read if you love monsters, romance, friendship, and comedy because it has it all!

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