Readers’ Favorite Reviews TIME LINES

Reviewed by Ann Linus for Readers’ Favorite

The year is 3236, and time travel has been perfected. Travelers go back in time in an ethereal form, just observing and learning from history and not altering events. Julie is a seasoned traveler who has learned to separate her emotions from the events she witnesses because the past is past. On her latest mission to Poland during WW2, an anomaly happens and Julie becomes more than an observer. She is physically present in a small village when German soldiers invade and begin a massacre. The reality of living in such troubled times hits hardest when she faces the receiving end of a German rifle. Time Lines by Karen J. Mossman is a unique story about blurred timelines.

Action, suspense, and a drizzle of quantum physics are the spices of Time Lines. Narrated from Julie’s perspective, the plot begins with a heavy air of suspense and unfolds swiftly with just a few characters, a couple of quantum physics theories, a thrilling climax, and a promising resolution. I especially liked the characterization of this story; I experienced two opposite versions of each character, and neither was aware of the other. I liked the exciting conflict caused by a mix-up in parallel universes. I also enjoyed the seemingly logical explanations for the inventions and events in the plot as they made the story more realistic. This was a quick read, and it held my attention for every minute. Karen J. Mossman produced a great short story and I recommend it, especially to adventurous readers who fancy time travel and parallel universes.

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