My Book Review of Perfectly Me (Inspired Kids Book 1)

book 1Perfectly Me by Mary Elizabeth Jackson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I read this charming story with my youngest granddaughter today and she absolutely loved it. She said the illustrations were “beautiful” and she remained highly engaged throughout the entire story. The only negative was that I had to decline when she asked me to sing the songs to her. Of course, she was elated when I explained there was a soundtrack we could get to listen to them since I wasn’t able to sight read music.

I always thrill at the enthusiasm children have for literature, whether they are mine or not. Seeing my granddaughter light up today made this book even more special to me than just knowing the endearing story of its origin (I am friends with the author and this book was inspired by the difficult birth of her son, which thankfully they both survived). It reminded me that every story is a connection, and I was thankful… to have that connection with my friend and her story of overcoming peril, with my granddaughter and the memories created in sharing this reading experience with her, and also the experiences I had with being honored to publish this book as a mother who endured her own difficult pregnancies and births.

I recommend this book. I do so not because it is a wonderful early reader for young kids and not because it’s inspirational, reminding our children that love washes away all flaws – which it most certainly does. No I recommend it because I want you to experience the feeling I had when I saw my granddaughter’s reaction to it. I want you to have the blessing of seeing a child’s love for art and literature… and their curiosity for the music that enhances it.

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