National Pain Awareness Month

I felt this observance was important. Not only because it is personal to me, but also, it should be personal to everyone. Let’s face it, we ALL know someone who lives with chronic illness and/or pain.

Increased awareness will increase kindness even if you don’t understand the technical or medical aspects of things.

Isn’t that what it’s really about? Trying to be more compassionate so we have a better world for us all to live in?

My husband nearly died in a work-related accident where his back was broken. They thought he’d never walk again, but God is good and Dusty is stubborn. Well, fast-forward to when we stopped at a wayside and parked in a handicap spot (Yes, we had the proper tags as Dusty even had hand controls in the car at that time).
An elderly couple saw us returning to our vehicle and yelled at us, only seeing a young couple who apparently parked illegally.
We ignored them, got in our car, and moved on with life, which bothered me.
I asked Dusty, “why didn’t you explain the situation to the man? Lift your shirt and show him your scars.”
Dusty had the best answer I’ve ever heard. He said, “the man will only see what he wants. Nothing I say or do will change his opinion, and I owe him no explanation.”

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  • May there be a special place reserved for all those sorts of numptys, (especialy the ‘able bodied’ who are too damn lazy to walk a few extra meters) at the bottom of a very large dark cavern filled with primordial pond scum.

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