Readers’ Favorite Review of Nightmare Storm

Book Review by David Korson for Readers’ Favorite

In Nightmare Storm, Sahara Foley dives into the mind of a Vietnam veteran as he struggles with a persistent hallucination. In the middle of the night, his eyes are drawn to his girlfriend Pat’s red bathrobe hanging on the bedroom door. From his vantage point on the bed each night, it appears to move on its own. His malcontent often awakens Pat, but after a series of pounding storms ravaging their area, Pat is too tired to respond to her lover when the robe seems to take on a defined shape. The narrator follows his hallucination and witnesses unfortunate events resulting from an abduction or the delusions of a battered mind.

Sahara Foley has no trouble setting a scene that will leave readers shivering from the possibilities! She tactfully dedicates her story to the men and women who suffer from post-traumatic stress from their time in the military. The story is short and easily digestible, but readers will become well-acquainted with the protagonist and his perceptions. Foley uses rich imagery to set the scene inside and outside the home, creating the perfect atmosphere for something sinister. The end allows readers to come to their own conclusions about the narrator and the crime he may or may not have committed. The author draws from stories conceptualized by her late husband, and the result has earned a bestseller status. Nightmare Storm is a great book for readers who enjoy short tales with mysterious circumstances providing a fully immersive experience.

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