THAT’S #PUN-NY: Autocorrect Fails

This one has my name written all over it!
I am a horrible text editor. My android hates me with its invasive autocorrect. It will even fight with me as I correct words over and over again, still sending it wrong.
I hate you, too, Autocorrect! LOL
You never know what you’ll find on the shelves of a book store or in library – often there are some great treasures and lots of laughs!



  • Every time I’ve updated my cellphone, (three times I think, since the bloody things were invented) the first thing I do is turn off autocorrect. Same with this computer. I really don’t need some non-sentient bundle of zeros anad ones trying to tell me what to do. 😀

    • I have tried to turn it off on mine. I used to be able to, but my new android defeats me. Not only that, the auto correct will fight with me. I will correct it over and over, and it still changes it. smh

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