My Book Review of The Marvelous Exploits of Paul Bunyan

PaulThe Marvelous Exploits of Paul Bunyan by W.B. Laughead
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Lots of Telling

Being a native Minnesotan and growing up with the tradition of Paul Bunyan, I was excited about reading this book. My expectation didn’t match the reality, which is probably the biggest reason I rated it so low. I expected the vibrant tall tales I knew and loved. Instead, I got brief synopses with a weird advertisement at the end for plywood. LOL

Yes, there were hints of the stories I loved. I even read about characters I didn’t recall, such as Benny or Paul’s wife. Those tantalized me, as did the information about the various pines.

My biggest complaint was that I got bored. Paul Bunyan was adventures that amused me. However, this book was telling instead of showing. It made me feel disconnected. I understand it’s one of the writing styles from the era, but other titles from this timeframe were still engaging.

I think this does a good job introducing the idea of Paul Bunyan. It has value in keeping the lumberjack culture alive. I’m glad I read it, but there are more developed stories on the subject to enjoy.

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