That’s #PUN-ny: Disney Jokes & Books

I love books, movies, and Disney – all of which have been a huge part of my childhood experience.
I don’t confuse entertainment with Politics, so please don’t go there. I love the artistry and stories, which is what I value about Disney. Anything beyond that, I don’t care because the stories bring the same joy to my kids and grandkids that they brought to me.
Can we just enjoy the fun, and laugh, without making an issue of everything? Being different is good. It keeps us from being stagnant and dying. LOL
Afterall, you never know what you’ll find on the shelves of a book store or in library – often there are some great treasures and lots of laughs!



  • Smee! πŸ˜€

    • I always loved Smee – he was cheerful and sweet. I used to think grumpy Captain Hook didn’t deserve a best friend like him, but then, I realized he was exactly the person the cantankerous captain needed. Smee brought humanity and humor to the pirates.
      Now, as an adult, I value the Smee-friends among us most. They remind us not to be swallowed by the darkness of this world. They are the light that reminds of the innocence still within us all.
      TEAM SMEE!

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