My Book Review of The Little Girl in the Moon

Moon 1The Little Girl in the Moon by Diann Floyd Boehm
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Modern Inclusion

This story is perfect for a bedtime tale. It brings in the idea of the moon and earth, friendship, and inclusion (because differences aren’t as drastic as they might appear). It’s positive message will leave you and your child with a sense of peace and calm; hope and joy.

I know this author is an educator who uses repetitive stances to help children learn to read. It is a brilliant tactic that aids with sight-reading. This is a great book for young readers just developing these skills.

The illustrations are wonderful. They reflect the night sky, with The Moonling protagonist peeking out. I love how she reveals her face in phases (as the real moon does) while she reveals who she is and how she is like earthlings. What a great way to tie the ideas together in a visual way.

I recommend this book. It is sweet and a good match for young readers, particular those in the elementary school level (ages 4 to 10). It would make a wonderful choice for book reports.
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