My Book Review of Finding Nemo: Nemo and the Tank Gang (Disney Short Story eBook)

Finding nemo book 1Nemo and the Tank Gang by Walt Disney Company
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Similar though Different

This was a cute rendition of the section we know and love from the FINDING NEMO movie. It has differences to make it fresh, so that was lovely. The similarities will make fans happy.

My favorite bit about Nemo is the reminder that a perceived handicap isn’t really debilitating. Nemo might have had to do some things differently, but his little fin didn’t prevent him from enjoying life. It didn’t stop him from complex tasks or taking care of himself anymore than Gill’s did.

I love a story that encourages children to believe in themselves. The support of friends and community, which the Tank Gang and other supporting characters show illustrated, is also important for kids to understand. Great positive messages.

Of course, the artistry was great. It was a colored pencil medium feel, which I enjoyed. The bright choices will keep littles’ attention even if they’re growing too tired to listen to the take well.
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