My Book Review of The First Mountain Man: The Clans 1-4

cave man boxsetThe First Mountain Man: The Clans 1-4 by Frankie Love
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Steamy Series

This was a pleasurable read (no pun intended). The stories wove together to make an overall cohesive tale that was filled with charming lovestories and steamy sex. While each book was a delight on its own, I was grateful to have them as a boxset because it felt complete.

I think book 3 is my favorite because I really enjoyed the relationship Flint and Fancy shared. For me, they really seemed to be the thread that linked everything together.

The author did a great job meeting trope expectations for a HEA steamy romance while telling entertaining stories within an overall story. The kindness, respect, and appreciation the characters have for one another is my favorite part. The virgin women and their perfect sexual encounters are farfetched, but they fit the escapism of the genre.

I recommend these titles and this collection to romance readers. It uses mature language, which isn’t for everyone but shouldn’t bother anyone used to the genre. This is a nice blend of romance colored with a splash of near erotica that’s done with taste. Steamy, yet sweet.

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