My Book Review of CAVE MEN (The First Mountain Man Book 4)

cave man 4Cave Men by Frankie Love
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Steamy Final Installment

This was a great conclusion to wrap up this series. It was lovely how it tied up this HEA romance series, and boy, did it leave it on fire! Frankie Love really amped up the heat to deliver the steam.

Again, I really loved the relationships. I enjoy the way the author writes the connections and communication between characters. I think she does a fantastic job of drawing them together in a realistic and wholesome way. It is charming and sentimental – believable.

My only twinge of frustration is the whole virgin-loves-everything-about-sex-though-it’s-her-first-time. I try to be open-minded, knowing it is apart of the trope and the author does a great job with the lead up, but it isn’t realistic, especially in the case of Summer. However, the story is great and it will be an easily overlooked aspect because it is enjoyable to read.

I recommend this book, but you will want to read this as a book set. It can standalone, but it is more fulfilling and comprehensive if you read the books in order. They will bring a smile into your day.

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