My Book Review of CAVE MAN MAKE BABY (The First Mountain Man Book 3)

cave man 3Cave Man Make Baby by Frankie Love
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My Favorite Yet

This series just keeps getting better. Though it is a bit formulated (typical for the HEA romance genre) and sometimes predictable (also typical for the trope), it is such a run read. This story, in particular, was enjoyable for me as I loved the inclusion of dinosaur (I am a nerd), and the adorable relationship between Flint and Fancy.

I loved seeing two people with such difficult backgrounds get somethings so wonderful together. The hope and trust the shared with each other was moving. That isn’t to say there wasn’t some action, but it tended to be in their sexual chemistry mostly. (cue steam here – LOL).

Some aspects might be a bit farfetched, but come on, this is fiction, so… anything can – and should – go, right? It made for a delightful tale that I definitely recommend for a fun, quick read. This is my favorite installment of the series yet.

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