My Book Review of Orange Juiced (Tea Shop Cozy Mystery Book 4)

Book 4Orange Juiced by Katherine Hayton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another Entertaining Installment

This installment brings a fun side of Willow as she meets her idol. As expected, mayhem ensues, but Willow and her crew won’t rest. The problem is, are they right or simply starstruck?

What I liked was seeing a more relaxed side of Willow. I also enjoyed seeing the development of her relationships, especially with the sheriff.

There’s nothing I didn’t like. I just seemed to realize the formulation of cozy mysteries during this book. Being new to the genre, this series is truly indoctrinating into it. It’s made me a fan while making me see it’s similar to a sitcom in style.

I recommend this book (and series). You can read it as a standalone, but you’ll get more out of the experience reading the books in order. They are quite enjoyable.

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